The Internet and Its Protocols
A Comparative Approach

Morgan Kaufman Publishers: April 2004: ISBN 1-55860-913-X: Hardback: 809 pages

The view presented by The Internet and Its Protocols is at once broad and deep. It covers all the common protocols and how they combine to create the Internet in its totality. More importantly, it describes each one completely, examining the requirements it addresses and the exact means by which it does its job. These descriptions include message flows, full message formats, and message exchanges for normal and error operation. They are supported by dozens of diagrams and tables.

This book's comparative approach gives you something more valuable: insight into the decisions you face as you build and maintain your network, network device, or network application. Author Adrian Farrel's experience and advice will dramatically smooth your path as you work to offer improved performance and a wider range of services.


o Comprehensive, in-depth, and comparative coverage of the Internet Protocol (both IPv4 and IPv6) and its many related technologies.

o Written for developers, operators, and managers, and designed to be used as both an overview and a reference.

o Discusses major concepts in traffic engineering, providing detailed looks at MPLS and GMPLS and how they control both IP and non-IP traffic.

o Covers protocols for governing routing and transport, and for managing switches, components, and the network as a whole, along with higher-level application protocols.

o Offers thoughtful guidance on choosing between protocols, selecting features within a protocol, and other service- and performance-related decisions.

Not only is this book thorough in covering the networking technologies and the applications of today's communications networks, it also guides you to comprehensive understanding of problems and solutions. This should be mandatory reading for every professional in our business.
-Loa Andersson, TLA-group, IETF MPLS working group co-chair.

Before this book, one would need to search through dozens of resources to find such a complete picture of the common Internet protocols. I for one will be keeping a copy of this book on my desk, as well as making this text required reading in the networking courses I teach.
-Thomas D. Nadeau, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems, Inc. and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts

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